Our Reputation

Working with Evan was enormously helpful for putting together my best possible application. On both a strategic and tactical level, Evan helped me craft my unique story and thereby differentiate myself from the hordes of people applying to HBS from my industry. To anyone serious about getting into top schools, Iíd highly recommend working with Evan. - Mark, Harvard Business School

Kristina was instrumental in my gaining acceptance to Yale Law School. Her customized LSAT tutoring significantly raised my score, and she helped me be strategic about the unique admissions process at Yale. - Rob, Yale Law School

Prior to Evan's appraisal, my personal statement lacked direction and failed to tell a compelling story. Evan offered an insightful (and blunt) critique, but more importantly, he provided constructive direction. The personal statement I eventually submitted to a number of law schools united the various elements of my application--in large part thanks to Evan's advice--and produced a cogent profile. - Tyler, University of Virginia Law School

Summing up your entire life in a few paragraphs is phenomenally difficult. Evanís brainstorming, detailed feedback, and expert advising helped me cut through a myriad of ideas and anecdotes to present my most salient stories. He caused me to think about my narrative from an outsiderís perspective: that of an admissions committee. - Noah, Stanford Graduate School of Business